Saturday, December 4, 2010

Club Med Bintan Nov 2009

In November 2009, we went to Bintan Club Med for 5 days.  Bintan is only 40 min ferry ride from Singapore.

 The white, sandy beach of Bintan.

 The clear blue swimming pool.

 The nightly, entertaining performance by the guest officers (GO).

 My fun experience on the tight rope.

 One of the most enjoyable activities, archery.

 A view of the clear blue sea.

 We had a fun time at the putting green learning how to

Besides putting, we also learned how to swing the club and hit the ball properly.
Besides monitor lizard, my dad was chased by a monkey in his morning run and had a fall.....

Y Q went climbing up to do trapeze.

 I also went to do trapeze. It was a little scary but thrilling.

Relaxing at the hammock by the beach.....
Club Med is a place for all ages - there are yoga classes, dancing classes, body sculpting classes, painting, beach ball games, table tennis, tennis, squash, badminton......

We also did kayaking, which was very fun.  Pity that November is the monsoon season, so they stopped the snorkeling activity.

We feast everyday at the buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, which served a good variety of Western, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Thai cuisines.  There were free flow of drinks (mocktails, cocktails, coffee and tea.....) and snacks served at the restaurant, by the beach and by the pool throughout the day.  Good things is, all these calories could be rid off by the daily activities.

Throughout the 5 days, we just ate, played, do nothing by the beach, entertained (by the nightly show) and relax .........

Club Med Bintan is truly an ideal place for a getaway. Not only were the Guest Officers friendly and helpful, there was a variety of activities to keep us occupied  - we enjoyed this trip thoroughly!


  1. So brave of you both to go on the trapeze! I have height phobia.

    I agree, Club Med is a great place to eat, relax and play!

  2. It was actually pretty scary when climbing up. After a few tries, we got the hang of it. Thank goodness we have harnesses.