Friday, December 3, 2010

Nov 2010 - Nagoya/Tokyo, Japan

YQ went to Japan from 13 November to 19 November (for a school trip)! Here are some pics on it. Note: "we" refers to YQ and the other 50 students and 4 teachers.

The view from the airport when we just touched down.

 Our first destination - Sweet Castle. It is an ideal place for family weekend outings, as there are activities such as baking and dressing up. There are sugar sculptures on display too.

We made cookies :)

 Nagoya Castle. Very pretty :)

There were exhibits on samurai in there.

 We had soba for dinner.

We went to Toyota Factory Plant and Museum on the 2nd day. No pictures in factories :(

 We went to the Ommacha (Japanese Green Tea) Museum.

 Tea was grown nearby too.

The Japanese Garden is really beautiful. It is part of traditional Japanese art :)

We experienced an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony in a traditional Japanese hut.

First, before drinking the bitter matcha (or ground green tea), you eat a sweet (this is made of red bean).

 Then, you are handed the bowl/cup. Turn it twice clockwise to avoid drinking the part with the design (it is served to you with the design facing you). Try to drink it in one go. When you are done, turn it back and put it down.

Day 3 - first, we went to Takeya Discount Shop. A poorly translated sign :P

 Yakult Cosmetic Factory. In this factory, the Yakult drinks we see in the supermarket are not made here. Instead, this factory produces cosmetic products that make use of lactobacillus. We were not allowed to take pictures of the production line.

We could have a free drink there. This is yoghurt flavoured soda with lactobacillus in it.

We went to Akihabara, where many electronic appliances are sold, and where Japanese popular culture is present.

We started the 4th day by going to Two Rooms Grill and Bar to listen to a talk to the restaurant owner.

Sapporo Ichiban Instant Noodle Factory. Again, no pictures...

We also went to the Tokyo Observatory Centre, but it was raining, so not very good pictures were taken...
The last day - we went to NHK studio park.

Harajuku, Takeshita Street.

Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

A DNA model.

The bus that brought us everywhere :)


  1. Ah, you lucky girl! You've been to Japan several times. Next time you will be my guide. :-)

  2. Yeah :) In fact, I have been there 4 times :) Japan is truly a nice country to visit, I don't mind going there again and again. By the way, the next post will be on Hokkaido, which we visited in June 2009.

    Sure, I can be your guide, but with GPS, it is pretty easy to move around. I can't speak much Japanese though D:

    By the way, thank you for supporting my blog :). Hope I will have more readers, like your blog!