Friday, February 4, 2011

Hokkaido, Japan June '09 - Part 1

Now, it is back to posts on previous trips. This will be on our trip to Hokkaido, Japan 2 years ago during the mid-year.

Again, it will be split up into more than 1 post.

Day 1 - We first touched down at Chitose Airport.

Lake Shikotsu.

Scenic spot on the way to the first ryokan we went, Noboribetsu Grand Hotel.

Noboribetsu Grand Hotel. As it is a ryokan, it is situated near/at an onsen, so when we reached there, we could smell sulfur, which we thought was the smell of rotten eggs.

Day 2 - Noboribetsu Jigokudani (hell valley).

 The sulfur smell was overpowering. >.<

As we walked, we reached this natural foot bath, which is a stream with black mud inside.

One of the "hell' we saw, which had water that could change colour. When we came there, it was green.

A rest stop with a Mt Showa backdrop, which we would be visiting shortly.

This is Mt Showa Shinzan. It was actually formed after an eruption of a volcano, Mt Usu.

 We took the Mt Usu ropeway, so we could go up to Mt Usu to get a closer took. On the way, we could see Lake Toya and Mt Showa as well.

Mt Usu.

Our next destination was Hakodate, a fishing town with a rich history.

We had our dinner here.

We took the Hakodate ropeway to see the nightview. It was pretty, but it was drizzling, so not very good photos were taken. :(
After that, we walked around the city, and saw various historical buildings, most of which are western-influenced.

Day 3 - we had our breakfast at the Hakodate Market. The seafood breakfast there was very fresh...

After breakfast, we walked around the picturesque town of Hakodate.

There were many slopes there too.

Some scenery while on the way to our next destination.

Cape Esan Lighthouse Park.

Our hotel for the night, Niseko Weiss Hotel. It is another ryokan.

Day 4 - stunning photos from our ryokan.

The mountain nearby the hotel. When it is winter, this place is ideal for skiing.

Fukidashi Park.

Spring water.

Our next destination - Otaru, the canal city.
We had lunch there too.

There were various shops selling little glass ornaments and music boxes.
The iconic Grandfather Clock.

This is the end of Part 1! Look forward to Part 2!

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