Saturday, June 9, 2012

SuperStar Virgo (Star Cruises) June '12

The Grand Lobby 

"Reflection" taken from the ship
On the deck
Kids' pool
The Pantheon Pool and the Water Slide - the slide is the highlight of the cruise - be prepared to queue.
There are 4 jacuzzi which are always crowded.  Tip - to go at night to beat the crowd.
Putting green
Day 2 - disembark for Phuket in the evening
We took a package tour which cost $55 per adult including dinner and transfer to Patong beach and some shopping trips - Tip - can give the tour a miss. The dinner at Thai Naan was terrible.  The ship docked at the deep sea port on the eastern side of Phuket during monsoon season and Patong is on the west. About 45 min ride to Patong from the port.  We should have just taken a short taxi or tut tut trip to nearby Central shopping mall for dinner and shopping.
Patong beach was quiet that night - the Thais were celebrating some buddhist festival where alcohol is prohibited.
Day 3 - disembark for Langkawi around 11am.  We booked a taxi - return trip 100 ringgit to the Oriental Village to take the cable car to the Sky Bridge, which looks very impressive from the website.
Unfortunately, the bridge was closed for maintenance.  I have in fact checked the website which supposed to publish the dates which the bridge is closed for maintenance but the info was not reliable.  The queue to take the cable car was extremely long (Malaysia school holiday). We adjourned to a nearby waterfall instead.
We took a short walk around the Oriental Village (nothing much to see) before adjourning to the waterfall which is about 5 min ride from the village.

The waterfall
Around 20 min "climb" from the waterfall to the "Seven Wells" or "Telaga Tujuh" - 300 over steps - not suitable for old folks.
The Seven Wells - if we have taken the cable car, we should be able to see the waterfall and the Seven wells from the cable car

Gala Dinner
Photo taking cum cocktail
Captain and the crew
Show time - very impressive costumes - singing, dancing and acrobatic performance - highlight of the cruise
The Observatory

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