Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shanghai - March 2013

Day 1 (Sat) - Shanghai Pudong/ Tian Zi Fang/Bing Jiang Da Dao

A whirlwind 4 days in Shanghai.  As the city crossed from winter to spring -the weather was somewhat erratic - 27 degree celsius on Sat when we touched down and the temperature dropped to below 10 degree (I suspect the temperature was around 5-7 degree on Sunday)

Ritz Carlton Pudong 

The iconic Oriental Pearl Tower - Dong Fang Ming Zhu

Taken from the 52th floor restaurant at Ritz Carlton - the hotel lobby is on 52th floor.

The circular bridge in the town centre of Pudong New District

Tian Zi Fang
Many quaint shops, art galleries, restaurants, pubs....along a few's touristy but is a nice place to visit for tourists and locals alike.  Some shops have residents upstairs - laundry (including undies and bras...) can be seen hanging right over our heads as we walked through the alleys.  Take the subway to Da Pu Qiao Station.

Shikumen - reminiscence of old Shanghai. 
Scent library - interesting - different scents are concocted for cities like Singapore, New York, Tokyo...other concoction like scent of rain etc

Very popular Shanghai bean curd - they serve both sweet and savoury - we tried the savoury one - yummy!

Toilet restaurant

Night view of Pudong New District at Bing Jiang Da Dao - a waterfront promenade in Pudong overlooking Huang Pu River and The Bund on the opposite.
The boat ride from Pudong to Puxi cost only RMB2 (not the boat seen in the pic - that's a tourist boat to tour Huang Pu River, which cost much more of course) 

Day 2 (Sunday) - Zhou Zhuang Water Town/Nanjing Rd Pedestrian walkway/The Bund

Zhou Zhuang is 1.5 hour bus ride from Shanghai - located in Suzhou. We took the tour bus from the Shanghai Tour Bus Centre near Shanghai Stadium subway station.  RMB155 per person - include return trips plus entrance fee cum tour guide.  The guide provided useful info on the history of the town.  There were a few trips to ZZ on that Sunday.  We took the 9.45am bus and the bus left ZZ around 3pm. Advance booking not necessary but if you arrive in Shanghai earlier, apparently can call to make advance booking and they deliver tickets to your hotel for a small fee.  We wanted to go Tong Li - another water town in Suzhou but as there was only one trip that  day and was fully booked - we went to ZZ instead. ZZ is more popular -we thought we would go to Tong Li to avoid the week end crowd at ZZ but it turned out ok.

The boat ride along the canal is recommended - RMB100 per boat for max of 6 persons to a boat (about 20 mins).  The lady paddler sang us Chinese folk songs - we tipped her.

Double (Twin) Bridge and Zhou Zhuang were made famous by Chinese renowned artist Chen Yi Fei.  His paintings on ZZ and the Twin Bridge were exhibited in Manhattan - the beauty of ZZ created a stir and ZZ has since been touted as the No.1 water town in China and the "Venice of China".  There are other water towns in Suzhou - Tong Li, Xi Tang, Wu Zhen are quite popular.  Zhu Jia Jiao is another water town nearer in Shanghai. All of these places are accessable via the Shanghai Tour Bus Centre.

This is the other "twin" bridge

Opera stage

There are 2 mansions of 2 rich merchants in ZZ - Mansion of rich merchant - Zhang

Mansion of another rich merchant - Shen Wan Shan. Being a shrewd businessman, Shen was wealthier than the emperor, Zhu Yuan Zhang.  The emperor approached Shen for funding.  Unfortunately, the emperor was jealous of Shen's wealth, framed and banished him.

Master bedroom

"Peeping window" for the young mistress to see her potential husband through the window from upstairs
View from"Peeping window" from the 2nd floor into the living room on ground floor

Zhou Zhuang specialties - the famous pig trotter, shrimps, fish.  Shen Wan San served pig trotter to the emperor Zhu when he visited and the emperor liked it very much.  It has since become the dish to serve one's VIP guests.

Water tomb of Shen Wan San

Very popular Yang Dumpling "Xiao Yang Shen Jian" - we went to the branch at Huang He Rd -the shop is just opposite to Jia Jia Tang Bao - another very popular joint that serves Xiao Long Pau.  We adjourned to Yang Dumpling for takeaway after our dinner at Jia Jia Tang Bao......

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Walkway 
 Shopping belt - can get your SH titbits and goodies here

The Bund - the icon of Shanghai 
You haven't been to SH if you have not been to The Bund....The Bund is best visited at night where the dazzling  lit-up historic buildings are just breath taking.

Day 3 (Mon) - Xintiandi /The French Concession /Fu Xing Garden
Xintiandi is a shopping area near the French Concession.  The French Concession  is along Huai Hai Rd (M) - it's the reminiscence of old Shanghai - there are many historic buildings, historic hotels and restaurants.  Take a train to Huangpi Rd (S) subway station -take a casual walk along Huai Hai Rd(M) - en route to Fu Xing Garden, have lunch and returned from Shaanxi Rd (S) subway station.

Fu Xing Garden

Historic hotel - Garden Hotel Shanghai

Another historic hotel

Pudong - Near Ritz Carlton - taken from "Circular Bridge"

Day 4 (Tues) - Nan Shi /Yu Garden/Shanghai Old Street/Shanghai History Museum

Nan Shi (South thoroughfare) 

The hugely popular Nan Xiang restaurant serving Nan Xiang Xiao Long (dumplings)

Yu Yuan (Yu Garden)

Beautiful Plum flowers

Shanghai Old Street

Shanghai History Museum 
At the basement of Oriental Pearl Tower - entrance fee RMB30. It's amazing that I managed to squeeze in a one hour tour round the museum before leaving for the airport.....


  1. The water town looks interesting, must make time to go there next time I visit Shanghai.

    1. Yes, worth a visit. If I have more time, I would do Suzhou and Hangzhou overnight and visit the water towns there as well.

    2. Yes, worth a visit. If I have more time, I would do Suzhou and Hangzhou overnight and visit the water towns there as well.